Lease Program

The intent of the Precision Velocity kart lease program is to provide an option for new drivers in the sport of auto racing at the very beginning level. This option will allow new drivers to continue building their skills at an entry level for their giving age group in a well prepared, safe asphalt sprint kart. Lease options are designed for drivers that have completed a minimum of two events in a Precision Velocity rental kart previously.

The karts provided are built specifically to fit said driver under the lease contract. Each Kart is inspected weekly prior to entering the racing surface for both safety and reliability. The focus will be on expanding driver ability and skills as well as knowledge of the kart and sport of racing. All karts are owned by Precision Velocity and will be stored in the possession of Precision Velocity whenever not at the racetrack or an event. All karts are maintained weekly and transported to and from the track each week by Precision Velocity. While at the racetrack  the leaser is responsible for the kart being leased. Leasers  have the right to request the leased kart for sponsor events and/or promotional events providing event does not conflict with previously scheduled obligations. Leasers are also allowed to provide sponsorship for karts and have decals made to their liking.