About Us

Precision Velocity is a karting program that provides a way for new drivers to test their skills at an entry level for their age group. The program is designed to provide an affordable option for new interest in the sport of auto racing and to develop skills necessary for driving. Participants will learn the ins and outs of karting while having fun and not hurting the wallet. Primarily competing in the Wild Thing Kart series at Stafford Motor Speedway located in Stafford Springs, Connecticut Monday nights from June to September. Precision Velocity maintains and repairs all rental and lease karts each and every week to ensure safety and reliability prior to race day. Each and every kart is transported to the track weekly by us so all you have todo is show up and drive, taking the extra expense of traveling and transporting the kart off you! 



I would recommend anyone who has thought about trying or wanting to start something new and exciting with there kids to give precision velocity kart rentals a try. They bring top notch experience with a family fun atmosphere to wild thing karts every week. The staff is truly amazing and couldn't be happier with the service they provide. They offer karts for all age groups. Our experience has been truly amazing and can't wait for the next season! Thank you to joe and his team for a job well done!!! 

Craig Fargo

We highly recommend Precision Velocity Kart Rentals and Support for anyone looking to try out racing, or in our case, to try out a different track. Joe and his crew were very knowledgeable, helpful and organized throughout the entire rental. They even helped by coaching my daughter with her line around the track. We are grateful for the opportunity and our daughter had a fantastic time!

Carly Dupont 

Joe and his team was awesome! They had a full night of rentals during our time and Joe and the team were working their butt off all night to make sure the kids could stay in the races all night. Incredible experience, renting again in two weeks to close the season with Precision Velocity.

Randy Sullivan  

The whole Precision team is amazing! They make you feel apart of the race family! They work well with the kids and parents and really make it a great place to be!

Jessica Rivers 

I can't speak highly enough about Joe and his crew. Joe, Sharon and even the kids were extremely helpful and welcoming. They did a fantastic job explaining everything and being there if we had any questions. As hectic as it was in the pits at times Joe and his crew were very attentive and right on top of everything. I will highly recommend them to anyone who might be interested in trying out this sport.

Bobby Bissonnette 

Joe and the whole team were very professional. Helped out tremendously and were there every step of the way. Very nice people. Definitely recommend going through them if you're interested in getting in the sport. Can't wait to do more races with them.

Alexander Leary  

Both my little buddy's will be out there now! Double the fun, double the heart attack. Thanks Precision Velocity Kart Rentals and Support and Joe Boivin 

Chris Meyer 

Joe and his team are amazing! I highly recommend Precision Velocity Kart Rentals and Support whether you're a seasoned racer or just starting out. They are helpful and knowledgeable and are so kind and welcoming. We are very much looking forward to racing with Precision in the 2024 season! Thank you for always making Jayce's racing such a fun and memorable time! We appreciate you all!

Jen Fargo 

Joe is great to work with, very dedicated to helping young drivers and the sport of racing. would recommend to anyone that is looking to get their kids into motorsports affordably.

Jim Kelley 

My son loved learning about racing and developed a lot of knowledge in one season. We loved the welcoming atmosphere with no judgement to being new at the track. They helped us feel welcome and fit right in! Definitely would recommend

Kayla Gayle  

Joe is awesome. rented a cart for my son a couple times last year and he did a great job teaching Jordan what he needed to do. he did such a great job that I even rented a Sr outlaw to try it myself. awesome experience and we are gonna rent again this year. highly recommend

Shaun Kibbe 

Joe and everyone on the Precision Velocity team have been more then helpful with getting into racing for my son. Always willing with a helping hand

Justin Pascale  

So proud of our boy! He's doing a great job this season. But we wouldn't have been able to do it if it weren't for Joe Boivin with Precision Velocity Kart Rentals and Support ! Thanks for everything you've done for all these kids this year, getting the next generation in love and involved with racing!

Liz Meyer 

Can't thank my 2023 sponsors for their support this past race season. It means so much to represent your company and thanks to Joe Boivin and Precision Velocity Kart Rentals and Support for keeping my kart in tip top shape! Thanks to you both for all you do! 

Jaziel Cancel 

Joe and his crew are very knowledgeable and helpful!

Mark DiMauro