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About us

Precision Velocity is a karting program that provides an opportunity for new drivers to test their skills at an entry level. The program is designed for drivers starting at age five and is perfect for new interest in the sport of auto racing. Our karts are built to accommodate each driver safely and comfortably. We strive to provide a great experience for drivers of all abilities, and we are committed to providing top-quality driver coaching on and off the track. 

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Kart Rental Program 

Weekly Arrive and Drive Rental 

Kart Lease Program 

Full year Lease in Competition Go-Kart 

Driver Coaching 

New driver coaching and support on and off the track 

Kart Parts and Accessories

Kart Parts and Accessories 

Racing Seminars

Group Lessons and Info  

Our Rental Program

The intent of the our kart rental program is to provide an option for new interest in the sport of auto racing at the very beginning level. This option will allow new drivers to test their skills at an entry level for their giving age group in a well prepared, safe asphalt sprint kart. This is for new prospective drivers interested in the sport of auto racing which have never competed in a racing series or division previously. The karts provided are fully adjustable to fit nearly any driver 5 to 100 years of age. Each Kart is inspected weekly prior to entering the racing surface for both safety and reliability. The focus will be on driver ability and skills to determine if the sport of racing is a good fit in the event you wish to pursue it further. Each driver whom wishes to rent a kart may do so for no more than three weeks of racing. Upon the completion of the three try outs you should be able to decide if you wish to purchase a kart of your own or join our leasing program to continue perfecting your driving skills. You may decide that racing is not for you. That's okay, at least you can say you have tried it. 

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Joseph Boivin - Owner